Party Animals and Pyromaniacs (Rayva, Coryn)

Rayva and Coryn27.png
On the left is Rayva, a former owner of a large disco club that was demolished after she was evicted from the building for seemingly unknown reasons. She now works with Hobbs & Crew to help stop her sister, Coryn. On the right is Coryn, Rayva’s older sister who joined a group of villains striving for power over the trident country. She’s known for setting fire to buildings and throwing clouds of ash into the air. Clark has categorized Rayva as a type of advanced Ikay, while categorizing Coryn as a type of advanced Flambay.

Neon Night (Denis, Rayva, Hobbs)

I usually sketch a rough draft of my art using the pencil tool in a bright color, then I use the black paintbrush tool over it on the layer above. In this piece I used the same color for the paintbrush tool that I used for the sketch, then I just improvised from there.

Neon Nights
Looks like they’ve taken a trip to Larileza city on Mamez Island, it has plenty of shopping districts, arcades, movie theaters, and plenty of other places to go for entertainment.  The arcade is practically Denis‘s second home, even if he’s not the best at the games. Rayva used to have a small disco club here when she was just starting her business, it now sits empty and vacant since she relocated. Hobbs doesn’t usually find himself in large cities, but when he dose he enjoys trying all the local restaurants.

School’s out! (Eli, Bertha, Blue, Buba, Hobbs, Rayva, Denis, Clark)

I thought I would create something that shows off all of the main characters, and it’s the end of the school year, so what appropriate to create then a yearbook page?

Yearbook page fin4.png
Sorry! This took longer then expected to make.  I made each character separately then put them onto the backdrop (which I also created) using an online software called Canva. The new character here is Rayva, who, similar to Denis, is a music artist.  She joined up with Hobbs & crew to persuade her sister, whom has joined the group of villains causing terror and trying to stop Hobbs, to come back home. She’s a form of Ikay and is almost always happy, but a bit hyperactive at times. Before she joined Hobbs, she ran a large Disco club, which later was later demolished to make way for an expansion to the parking lot of a nearby mall. She later moved into a condo at a beach-side resort, where she later met Hobbs and Denis.

Moonsters characters.png

Location, Location (Smitefall Island)

The Bitcoin Mines are literal, in my world anyway. I created a small logo just to hold you all back while I work on a larger project.

Bitcoin logo 8
The Smitefall Island Bitcoin Mines are a series of mines that produce the most bitcoins in the world, a type of currency that is used in most of Stroanla, a country in the Southeast hemisphere. Stroanla is mostly inhabited by Robots and energy creatures, and is a huge producer of Copper, Iron, Coal, and Magnesium, aside from bitcoins. Smitefall Island is a large island on the west coast of Stroanla, and is where almost all of Stroanla’s bitcoins are mined, it is also a huge tourist trap. Blue has visited Smitefall Island on several occasions.

Someone Blue (Blue)

I finally figured out what I want Blue to look like, so here’s a picture of her head shot.

Blue 6
Blue is a tinkerer that works with non-technological contraptions and machines, she’s also skillful at general maintenance, architecture, and horticulture. As a child, she resorted to misdemeanor crimes to make money and have fun, this is due to her childhood “friends” forcing her to become a member of their crime group, and that she later adapted to this life of crime.  As an adult she learned several previously mentioned skills. She later decided to travel the world and share her skills with others. She was exploring the fifth Trident Island when she met Hobbs, Eli, Buba, and Clark, and was later convinced to join them because of her clock repairing skills. She’s an Azat, a endangered race of creatures that look almost exactly like modern day ferrets, except for their human-like hair and blue tails. It is unknown what is slowly killing off the Azats.


Something Broken, (Clark)

Here’s another picture of Clark. It’s also my attempt at using the ruler tool to create rooms.

Forever Darkness 13
It seems that Clark isn’t to keen on having wallpaper. It would definitely brighten up this dreary room. Clark is as mysterious as ever, but this metallic room defiantly gives off a science like vibe. I used the ruler tool to try to create a few rooms, it turned out better than I thought. I also messed around with some lighting again, with the hanging light and the red light in the hallway. There’s a lot going on here.

Something New(er), (Mhical, Louie, & Boomba)

Here’s a picture that I drew using the sketchbook pro subscription. (I can easily create backgrounds now!)

Ship fix
On the top of the leaning tower of explosive creatures is Mhical, (yes, it is spelled that way) he’s the captain of a small ship called the Garglesalt, which is known for illegally trespassing in government territory several times. Mhical is a creature known as a Kaboom, which are dynamite like creatures originating from the Cogpeic Islands, three very large islands containing something known as the Great Sulfur Desert.  Louie (Middle) is Mhical’s assistant, he was hired by Mhical to help him find the Marvolandia  Plates, a set of missing ancient copper chain mail. This adventure lead to a friendship between the two, and they later went on more quests eventually finding some very fascinating, terrifying, and important discoveries about why the seventh Seasol Island is so heavily guarded. Louie is a race known as Raros, creatures also originating from the Cogpeic Islands. Boomba (Bottom) is the latest member of the dynamic duo, which is now a trio of course, they joined just shortly after Mhical and Louie’s trip to the Seasol islands. They’re an android from the second Trident island, created in a now demolished building on the island’s southern shore, not to far from where Clark lives. It is unknown how, when, or why they where created or why they wanted to join Mhical on the Garglesalt. They are one of a kind and seem to have some sort of sentience.

Something Old, (Flambay & Ikay)

Here’s an older picture I created featuring two different races, Flambay and Ikays.

Flambay & Ikay 5
On the left is a Flambay, a race of fire creatures, they inhabit a body made from rich magomelo tree roots found deep in the ashlands, an island made entirely of volcanic ash and soot. Every few years they have to switch bodies and find a new magomelo wood “host” or else their bodies will compleatly burn out, killing them. Might want to steer clear of large bodies of water too. On the right is an Ikay, a race of goo creatures found primarily in the forgotten lands (also known as the Seasol islands), a large archipelago (group of islands) covered in buildings, structures, and artifacts created by an unknown ancient civilization. They live inside things like trashcans, barrels, boxes, and other things used for containment, they can then duck into their homes for protection and sleep, similar to a hermit crab. They mark their homes with a radioactive sign so no one accidentally opens their homes while they sleep.  

Playing With Fire (Hobbs & Bertha)

Similar to the first picture of Clark that I posted, this is a drawing having to do with lighting & shadows. I wanted to create a picture with a light source that would cast shadows in different directions, why not have some fun with it!

Marshmallow 11
I decided to go with a different style for Hobbs (Right) and I think it turned out great! On the left is Bertha, another character venturing with Hobbs and crew.  She’s a warrior known for her swordsmanship, but she’s also known for being able to successfully solve conflicts with enemies peacefully, but only to ones who don’t deserve her wrath.  Outside of the battlefield she’s calm and friendly, although she’s quick tempered. She’s a Kivis, a race of statue-like coal creatures, which are somehow fireproof. They can spew fire and are almost immobile, except for their arms, mouths, and in Bertha’s case the horn. They move around by jumping from place to place, sometimes causing rectangular imprints in soft terrain. In this picture, for whatever reason, Hobbs and Bertha thought that this would be a good way to roast marshmallows. Disclaimer: DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS, but if your an adult, go for it!