Disco Staff (Iris)

Iris was a former server at Rayva’s club. She now ventures alongside Rayva, Denis, and Rosa in an attempt to stop Rayva’s older sister Coryn from committing any more arson in Trident. She is considered a rombot, however, when rombots were first created, she was a service robot at a music themed pub just outside Trident. Her head is made of a bullet proof glass lava lamp and a disco ball, so when she applied at the club, Rayva hired her almost immediately. Ever since then Rayva and Iris started to connect and eventually became friends. Iris was one of around two thousand robots that was signed up to receive a test procedure that was meant to give sentience to already existing robots, effectively turning them into rombots. Because she was once a robot, she has the urge to continue her carrier as a server, this is most likely due to some of her old coding not being fully removed after the procedure. Rombots that were once robots are often considered “type R rombots” rather then just rombots. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between a rombot and type R rombot, however one of the only ways to tell them apart is that rombots have fingerprints, while type R rombots usually don’t. (Jeez… saying robot and rombot over and over again gets kinda confusing…)

Camp Out (CJ, Tykra, Teal, Brewster, Clyde)

Been awhile folks! I’ve been experimenting with the “Coffee Shop” style some more, and this is what I came up with. The new character with the television for a head is CJ, (front left) who like other sentient robots is considered a “Rombot”. She was found one morning in the back alley behind the coffee shop by Brewster (back right) and Clyde (front right) with her head seemingly broken off and nowhere in sight. Panicked, they carried her into the shop alerting their good friend Teal, (back left) who is almost always sitting at the counter, about their situation. Teal, knowing a bit about mechanics and computers, managed to break the old tv off the coffee shop wall and attach it to her neck, as this would be a sufficient, yet temporary, replacement for her head, at least allowing her to output sounds and project expressions onto the screen. After a few hours of work, Teal was able to find ways to add hearing and sight to the makeshift head using more junk from around the shop’s storage space. When she was turned on, it took her a few minutes to figure out what was going on, and when the three if them tried to explain what had happened, it was evident that she was suffering from amnesia. Tykra, (middle left) arriving late to work, met CJ and had the situation explained to her, Tykra recommended that they go to the authorities, but CJ strangely insisted that they do otherwise. CJ now works at the coffee shop so that Gus, the shop owner, allows her to have one of the unused storage rooms as her personal quarters / home, as she has nowhere else to go. She is now close friends with the rest of the coffee shop gang as they all try to piece her memory together. Overall, CJ is a kind and generous person, however, because of her memory loss, some things confuse her and are not always apparent. Something strange is that she has the occasional drastic mood swing or personality shift, Tykra has dubbed these “Personality Corruptions” , and blames them on her makeshift head’s antennas picking up strange signals. Along with that, her screen occasionally glitches for no apparent reason. Brewster, being the skeptical and somewhat untrusting person that he is believes she might been hiding something or that “maybe she didn’t lose her memory at all”.

Hope you all had a great holiday season and have a great new year!

A visitor… (Halloween)

You know those Society of the Stars people I was talking about the other day? Well, one of them showed up today, and I happened to get a few photos.

HALLOWEEN 3 Seems like they wandered into the neighborhood, they didn’t seem to be interested in the candy though, they just kind of kept walking… I wonder what they were looking for?

Oh, and also here are some pictures of a Teal jack-o-lantern.


Have a good night everyone…

Random Characters 2 (Xavo, Lana, Kelly, Vivian, Angus, Simon, ???)

I have a sketchbook where I’ve drawn many characters in my free time, so I decided to create another random character drop with some of my current favorites.

Random Characters2 finnished.png
To the left are Xavo, Lana, and Kelly, a few of Denis’s old friends. Together, the four of them created their own garage band named Prism. In the band, Denis played the Drums, Xavo was the main singer and played the guitar, Lana played the keyboard, and Kelly played the violin and remixed the music. Denis doesn’t talk about them much now but he still encounters them sometimes. Lana now works as a professorial photographer for an informational magazine, traveling to many foreign locations. Kelly now works as a computer hardware engineer for a technology company, still making and playing music in her free time. She is a race of plant like creatures called “Rootras” that enjoy areas with vegetation. Xavo is currently missing, and has been for awhile, and Denis almost never talks about him, acting strange and distant whenever he is brought up. In the middle is Vivian, one of Buba’s old associates, who currently runs a candle and incense shop in Rantdera, a city in the Trident Mainland. She is a race of bat like creatures known as “Nulls” that usually practice transcendence magic. She usually sits at the main counter in the shop, explaining and promoting the products. Buba seems to hold a grudge against her, although Vivian seems to forget why.  Angus, who is clinging to Vivian’s ankle, is Vivian’s one and only employee, he is almost always tired and lazy, usually talking in mumbles and grunts. Even with these traits, Vivian has never seen him sleeping on the job, and is surprisingly good at restocking the shop, even if he is a bit slow. To the right of Angus is Simon, a resident of Three Point City, the largest city in the Trident country. He enjoys sneaking into abandoned buildings and exploring restricted areas. Because Alice is stationed in this city, she’s had a few run ins with Simon, she is not a fan of his work. His next big goal is to see what he can find on Trident Isle 2. On the far right is, well… someone, but you can tell from their strange outfit that they are a member of the Society of the Stars. The Society of the Stars is a group of individuals who study the patterns in the stars and moons. Most of them spend their time in the mountains, gathering in camps to help each other with their work, gazing into the sky.  Some believe that the Society was made for a greater purpose, as some of them keep their feet grounded, wandering, searching, and keeping their eyes on the road ahead.

Smoke and Mirrors? (Buba & Clark)


Buba and Clark aren’t exactly friends, they’re cordial most of the time, but they get into arguments easily. Because Buba is a magic user and Clark is a man of science, they disagree on many subjects. Whenever Buba tries to fall back onto magic to explain something, Clark tries to explain the situation through science because of his disbelief in magic. This can lead to a heated argument between the two, where Buba tries to convince Clark that magic is real, and Clark tries to convince Buba that magic is actually just science. These disagreements sometimes get to the point where they start arguing about other unrelated things. The rest of the gang finds it very annoying, and usually tries to split them apart while it’s happening. Clark can explain almost all of the magic that Buba uses, saying how it can be done using materials in his lab. Such as how healing spells are really just the usage of a mixture of chemicals  that speed up the process of tissue growth. Although, there are things that Clark hasn’t been able to explain, but instead of calling it magic he considers it supernatural. Buba usually agrees with Clark that whatever he’s talking about would have a similar, if not the same effect as the magic she’s using, but she still says magic is something completely different then science. Who’s right you ask? That’s for you to decide!

Coffee Shop (Brewster, Teal, Clyde, Tykra)

Aside from my Moonsters characters, I also have other characters in a different series I call Coffee Shop which takes place in the same universe. Here’s some of the main characters:

Teal 10
On the left is Brewster, he can usually be found slacking off, so much that no one is sure if he even works at the shop. He’s aggressive and stubborn, yelling at people he finds annoying, and griping about everything. Secretly though, he really cares about the people close to him, such as his sister Buba or his best friend Clyde. On the bottom right is Clyde, he mans the cash register, although, he probably shouldn’t be working there, considering his head is a sphere of ice, and hot coffee to him is like razor blades in a cup to us humans. He’s worrisome and kind, wanting to help others, but scared of the consequences if he doesn’t help or fails to help them. On the top right is Tykra, she helps make the pastries and displays them in the shop. She usually keeps a calm mind, but she can also be very serious, although it is unusual. She just started working at the coffee shop, which Brewster and Clyde find strange because she obviously doesn’t care for her job. In fact, Brewster thinks Tykra is spying on them for his sister to make sure they don’t get into trouble. She’s long time friends with Blue. In the center is Teal, he’s… strange. He’s almost always in the shop, more for the ambiance than the actual menu items, and he’s always looking into space. He tells stories of his adventures on some sort of spacecraft, saying that “One day they will return for me.” Apparently, when he’s not in the coffee shop, he spends his time playing paintball, Tykra thinks he’s crazy, and probably homeless. She does enjoy his stories though.

Electronic Authority (Alice)

Alice is an officer of the Trident mainland, and a strict one at that. She can get a bit out of hand when she’s on duty, tracking people down without rest until she finds them. Even sometimes out of the country, which she’s not supposed to do. After Clark accidentally interrupts one of her chases, allowing the criminal to escape, she gives him a small fine. However, when Clark forgets to pay, she lands him in the Seacell City Jail. Blue, being the only one that knows about Clark, decides that instead of paying the fine she would just break Clark out. Alice is now dedicated to stopping criminals and chasing Clark and Blue to the ends of the earth, no matter how much money Clark throws at her. Her colleagues think she should be transferred to one of the larger cities farther inland, but she’s hesitant.

Into the Wilderness (Hobbs)

For anyone that doesn’t know; Don’t Starve is a survival game where you collect resources, build camps, fight off monsters (and the night), and forage for food, all while attempting to keep your sanity. It’s a great game with a great and unique art style, and I recommend it to anyone that is a fan of survival games.

DS Hobbs3
I’ve been a fan of Don’t Starve for years, and I’ve been enthralled by the awesome sketch-like art style that the game has. I’ve been wanting to draw something in the game’s art style for a long time, and I finally created Hobbs in that style. By drawing the same line several times, being sloppy with a few, you can create the scribble effect, and by using the eyes and proportions the characters have, you can achieve a style similar to the one in Don’t Starve. I’ve also been thinking of creating a mod for the game that includes Hobbs, if I do, these are the stats that I’m thinking of using150 Health, 200 Hunger, 200 Sanity, Comes prepared, (Starts with a log cane that allows him to walk faster and a satchel that grants him two extra inventory slots.) is slow, (log cane allows him to walk just faster than most characters.) is a vegetarian. (won’t eat meat, won’t attack passive animals, and won’t keep anything in his inventory that involved killing a passive animal.)

For anyone who’s interested in the game: https://www.klei.com/games/dont-starve

Party Animals and Pyromaniacs (Rayva, Coryn)

Rayva and Coryn27.png
On the left is Rayva, a former owner of a large disco club that was demolished after she was evicted from the building for seemingly unknown reasons. She now works with Hobbs & Crew to help stop her sister, Coryn. On the right is Coryn, Rayva’s older sister who joined a group of villains striving for power over the trident country. She’s known for setting fire to buildings and throwing clouds of ash into the air. Clark has categorized Rayva as a type of advanced Ikay, while categorizing Coryn as a type of advanced Flambay.

Neon Night (Denis, Rayva, Hobbs)

I usually sketch a rough draft of my art using the pencil tool in a bright color, then I use the black paintbrush tool over it on the layer above. In this piece I used the same color for the paintbrush tool that I used for the sketch, then I just improvised from there.

Neon Nights
Looks like they’ve taken a trip to Larileza city on Mamez Island, it has plenty of shopping districts, arcades, movie theaters, and plenty of other places to go for entertainment.  The arcade is practically Denis‘s second home, even if he’s not the best at the games. Rayva used to have a small disco club here when she was just starting her business, it now sits empty and vacant since she relocated. Hobbs doesn’t usually find himself in large cities, but when he dose he enjoys trying all the local restaurants.