School’s out! (Eli, Bertha, Blue, Buba, Hobbs, Rayva, Denis, Clark)

I thought I would create something that shows off all of the main characters, and it’s the end of the school year, so what appropriate to create then a yearbook page?

Yearbook page fin4.png
Sorry! This took longer then expected to make.  I made each character separately then put them onto the backdrop (which I also created) using an online software called Canva. The new character here is Rayva, who, similar to Denis, is a music artist.  She joined up with Hobbs & crew to persuade her sister, whom has joined the group of villains causing terror and trying to stop Hobbs, to come back home. She’s a form of Ikay and is almost always happy, but a bit hyperactive at times. Before she joined Hobbs, she ran a large Disco club, which later was later demolished to make way for an expansion to the parking lot of a nearby mall. She later moved into a condo at a beach-side resort, where she later met Hobbs and Denis.

Moonsters characters.png


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