Someone Blue (Blue)

I finally figured out what I want Blue to look like, so here’s a picture of her head shot.

Blue 6
Blue is a tinkerer that works with non-technological contraptions and machines, she’s also skillful at general maintenance, architecture, and horticulture. As a child, she resorted to misdemeanor crimes to make money and have fun, this is due to her childhood “friends” forcing her to become a member of their crime group, and that she later adapted to this life of crime. ¬†As an adult she learned several previously mentioned skills. She later decided to travel the world and share her skills with others. She was exploring the fifth Trident Island when she met Hobbs, Eli, Buba, and Clark, and was later convinced to join them because of her clock repairing skills. She’s an Azat, a endangered race of creatures that look almost exactly like modern day ferrets, except for their human-like hair and blue tails. It is unknown what is slowly killing off the Azats.



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