Something New(er), (Mhical, Louie, & Boomba)

Here’s a picture that I drew using the sketchbook pro subscription. (I can easily create backgrounds now!)

Ship fix
On the top of the leaning tower of explosive creatures is Mhical, (yes, it is spelled that way) he’s the captain of a small ship called the Garglesalt, which is known for illegally trespassing in government territory several times. Mhical is a creature known as a Kaboom, which are dynamite like creatures originating from the Cogpeic Islands, three very large islands containing something known as the Great Sulfur Desert. ¬†Louie (Middle) is Mhical’s assistant, he was hired by Mhical to help him find the Marvolandia ¬†Plates, a set of missing ancient copper chain mail. This adventure lead to a friendship between the two, and they later went on more quests eventually finding some very fascinating, terrifying, and important discoveries about why the seventh Seasol Island is so heavily guarded. Louie is a race known as Raros, creatures also originating from the Cogpeic Islands. Boomba (Bottom) is the latest member of the dynamic duo, which is now a trio of course, they joined just shortly after Mhical and Louie’s trip to the Seasol islands. They’re an android from the second Trident island, created in a now demolished building on the island’s southern shore, not to far from where Clark lives. It is unknown how, when, or why they where created or why they wanted to join Mhical on the Garglesalt. They are one of a kind and seem to have some sort of sentience.

2 thoughts on “Something New(er), (Mhical, Louie, & Boomba)

  1. Do you plan to make a book where we can read the backstories of all the characters in full story format?
    Ash great job by the way, digging into a new and unknown medium and exploring it. I love your characters. Right now, Eli is my favorite.


    1. Yes! I’m currently working on a book where Hobbs, Eli, Buba, Clark, Blue, & Bertha are the main characters, so we will learn a lot more about them and their backstories. Although some of their backstories I’m not saying to much about for a reason… So far only chapters 1 and 2 are finished to my liking, so I may post them somewhere on the blog. Secondary characters such as Mhical, Louie, Boomba, Denis, Mordo, Clyde, & Brewster are characters that we will learn less about, but will still play a very important role in the story. However, not all of this information may be correct in the future, as characters are changing all the time. Thanks for the feedback! Eli is one of my favorites too.


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