Something Old, (Flambay & Ikay)

Here’s an older picture I created featuring two different races, Flambay and Ikays.

Flambay & Ikay 5
On the left is a Flambay, a race of fire creatures, they inhabit a body made from rich magomelo tree roots found deep in the ashlands, an island made entirely of volcanic ash and soot. Every few years they have to switch bodies and find a new magomelo wood “host” or else their bodies will compleatly burn out, killing them. Might want to steer clear of large bodies of water too. On the right is an Ikay, a race of goo creatures found primarily in the forgotten lands (also known as the Seasol islands), a large archipelago (group of islands) covered in buildings, structures, and artifacts created by an unknown ancient civilization. They live inside things like trashcans, barrels, boxes, and other things used for containment, they can then duck into their homes for protection and sleep, similar to a hermit crab. They mark their homes with a radioactive sign so no one accidentally opens their homes while they sleep.  

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