Random Character Lineup (Chaxity, Denis, Mordo, Domro, Clyde, & Jord)

I created this picture a few months ago of characters that I had thought of while contemplating, except for Clyde that is.

Character lineup
I’ll go left to right for descriptions. Chaxity is an agent working for an unknown organization, which may or may not exist for all we know, she’s not what you would call stealthy though. She’s a race known as a Bombam, which is basically a race of giant bomb people that explode when angry, or come in contact with fire that is. Denis is a goblin that works as a DJ for a living, and is able to provide epic beats for any occasion, or just party in general. For Mordo I would refer to this page: https://moonstersclub.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/photoshop-mordo/ . Domro works with Mordo, it is unknown if he/she is a shadder like Mordo, because of their strange color pallet compared to Mordo and the other shadders. But whoever they are, they don’t talk much. For Clyde I would refer to this page: https://moonstersclub.wordpress.com/2017/04/25/lazy-tuesday-clyde/ . Jord is the mayor of an underground city named Naterlite that inhabits Jelcu, a race of geometric slime creatures. He’s also a big hugger.

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