The Creative Process (Buba & Brewster) *

So here’s how I create my artwork using Sketchbook on the Surface Pro 4:

Buba and Brester sign
These are the steps I take while making my artwork: (From top left to bottom right)

1: First I create the outline of what I want the final piece to look like. I enjoy using a size two pencil tool to do this.

2: Second I Go back over it with a bigger brush, making sure the lines are full and where I will eventual want them, editing parts as I see fit. I enjoy using a size 1.6 black paintbrush tool to do this.

3: I then erase the lines made in step one, leaving only the darker lines. I prefer using the hard eraser tool to do this, but sometimes it’s easier to use a soft eraser tool or white paintbrush tool.

4: Next I color in the outline with basic solid colors, making sure I keep within the lines (or at least try my best).  I would suggest using the marker tool to do this, as it won’t overlap the black outline, you can also use the paintbrush when working with areas without any outline.

5: Finally, I shade the color by using a darker version of the base color, or a lighter one depending on where the shading is. You can put reflections and shine on shiny surfaces such as mettle and gems. I enjoy  using the marker tool for shading and the paintbrush tool for shine.

6: Bask in your perfection.

Buba & Brewster 7_1
The character on the left is Buba, a mage in training that travels with Hobbs, Eli, Clark, and another character named Blue, who I have not shown yet. The character on the right is Brewster, Buba’s younger brother who works at Shooting Star Coffee with Clyde. Buba has changed EXTREMELY compared to  most of my other characters, I also made her quite a while ago, sometime after Hobbs and Eli, but before Clark. Brewster was a more recent character that I made while writing a short comic, where the other character was Clyde, Brewster’s undergone some changes as well.
Buba & Brewster 9_1
After a bit of editing, (mostly on Brewster) I think I’m done! I hope this helped out for anyone who is wanting to start working with sketchbook!

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