Lighting Test (Clark)

I wanted to test draw some sort of light source in a dark room, and this is the result.

Clark Eye 4
The goblin at the desk is named is Clark, he’s knowledgeable and mysterious, and along with Hobbs and Eli were one of the first characters I made. He’s undergone a lot of changes, such as his hair style, (He was the first character I made with hair.) his robotic right eye, and of course the clothing. This is the style of drawing that I usually use to make my characters, it’s noticeable because the nose looks like the letter d or b. The strange purple ball with the eye in the top right (turn up your brightness if low.) is something I call a gloom, more on that later. Again, this was just a test so I didn’t take the time to erase the extra lines, but hey, you got to meet Clark!

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