Just the start (Hobbs & Eli) (Newer content below)

Hello! My name is Ash, I’ve been creating artwork since I can remember. I only recently started digital artwork, using a program called Sketchbook on the surface pro. I will be sharing that artwork, and other miscellaneous things here on my blog. Please bear with me while I try to comprehend how this stuff works, as this is the first time I’ve attempted at making such a thing. (It’ll take a bit of getting used to.) Today I’ll start off by posting my first piece of digital art and the edit that I recently made of it. Wish me luck! (or don’t, I won’t force you to.)

Hobbs art Class 16_1(4)
Hobbs (left) and Eli (right) are two characters that if I hadn’t created, I probably wouldn’t be the artist I am today. Hobbs is a goblin, and Eli is something I call an Orestone, which is basically a robot made of rock. A picture of Hobbs was one of the first characters I ever made. This is the first digital art I made so it’s a little rough around the edges.
Hobb & Eli 17 - Copy_1
In the edit I fixed up not all, but some lines and added a black and red necktie to Eli to give him more… “Personality”

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